Our Mission

Founded in 1993, Benecki Homes strives to build inheritable houses that age gracefully and are indigenous to their surroundings. Our homes are contextual and blend in with their surroundings, but they also push the envelope of high design.

Benecki Homes is the leading luxury in-fill builder in Atlanta. “We do not intend to be everyone’s builder. Our goal is dedication to fabulous quality and pushing the envelope in both architecture and cutting-edge materials and methodology,” says Stan Benecki, CEO. 

Beyond being known as the most imaginative and innovative builder in Buckhead, Benecki Homes is also the most professional. Benecki’s senior management staff hold degrees in construction management and engineering and interior design from the highest ranked programs in the country. 

In addition to luxury custom and speculative residential development, Benecki Homes offers complete interior design services, remodeling and restoration expertise, and experience in ‘green’ building.

Benecki Homes has embraced creating a home nothing short of an art form. Our mission is to adapt and infuse classical architecture with natural landscape in an effort to conceive a home built on the highest standards of design, material, and craftsmanship. The insistence that indoor and outdoor space coexists in complete harmony is the basis of our belief because we recognize you enter your home long before you reach the front door.   

In the past, builders and architects worked hand in hand to create masterpieces only achievable as a result of their collaboration. Benecki restores this symbiotic relationship to its proper standing. Our work hearkens back to this harmonization between builder and architect to create living architecture. 

Benecki strives to think outside of the box and, in so doing, desires to bring your dreams into fruition alongside you and the architect. Let us craft your dreams into the earth.