Our Philosophy

         Benecki Homes has embraced creating a home nothing short of an art form. Our mission is to adapt and infuse classical architecture with natural landscape in an effort to conceive a home built on the highest standards of design, material, and craftsmanship. The insistence that indoor and outdoor space coexists in complete harmony is the basis of our belief because we recognize you enter your home long before you reach the front door.

    Stan Benecki spear-heads the finest collaborative in insuring the homeowner with living architecture for the enhancement of life. His expertise in the field of real estate and development enables him to assemble the most comprehensive and talented team of professionals, therefore, providing the homeowner with the highest standard of quality. Mr. Benecki’s adherence to a high code of values, both
ethical and artistic, shows in building showcase homes - classic in design with timeless appeal.

    Benecki Homes prides itself on building uniquely distinguished
homes in a spectacular setting of impeccable quality. We build homes throughout the Atlanta area as well as the coastal Florida Panhandle area. 

EarthCraft Certified

     The EarthCraft House program certifies homes that are sourced, constructed and designed to reduce environmental impacts. EarthCraft homes also save homeowners a projected 30 percent on their energy bills, relative to comparable buildings that use standard construction methods.